About Empiric Student Property

About Empiric Student Property


Experts in Premium Student Residential Developments

Empiric Student Property is an internally managed UK REIT, listed on the London Stock Exchange. The management team, previously principals of London Cornwall Property Partners, has a long track record in the acquisition, development and management of high-end student accommodation properties in the UK and delivered the four seed properties at IPO.

ESP develops high-end properties aimed at the top quartile of the direct let student accommodation market with 50 to 200 beds per site in central city locations. The majority of rooms are high quality and large modern en-suite studios and 2+ en-suite bedroom apartments provided with large screen TV, kitchenette and high-speed Wi-Fi access. Attractive, extensive, onsite shared facilities including cinema rooms with projectors, working and communal spaces, gyms, games rooms and laundry.

Due to their specification and the focus on top UK university towns and cities, our properties are attractive to international students and postgraduates. In addition, ESP has acquired, and will acquire, properties from other developers and owners that are consistent with the levels of quality applied to properties developed by the company.